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About us
MRO 1STOPShop Solutions, Inc.
MRO   1STOP   Shop   Solutions,   Inc.   specializes   in   the   supply   of   MRO   (Maintenance,   Repairs   and   Operations)   equipment   and   services   associated   with Oil   &   Gas   Industry.      MRO1SS   started   as   a   sourcing   firm   and   or   distribution   channel   due   to   the   global   demand   to   support   the   Angolan   Offshore   and Equatorial Guinea Projects. Our   company   is   built   around   providing   you   with   everything   you   need   for   your   business   or   operations   in   the   most   efficient,   economical   way possible.        That    means    giving    you    access    to    products    to    meet    your    every    need.        It    also    means    providing    personal    service    from    a    staff    of knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly professionals. Last but not least, it means delivering your order on time and meeting your every expectations. We   procure   for   end   users,   re-sellers,   factory   procurement   professionals,   manufacturing   plants,   governments,   municipalities,   schools,   and   more. We   actively   work   with   tons   of   manufacturers   and   the   largest   stocking   distributors   from   a   variety   of   domestic   and   international   industrial   sectors.     We comply with International and US manufacturing standards based on the client’s requirements and specifications. Our   dedication   to   quality   means   that   you   can   depend   on   MRO1SS   to   deliver   on   time   around   the   world,   trusting   we   will   meet   your   exact specifications,   standards   and   cost   requirements.   We   have   established   (KPI’s)   Key   Performance   Indicators   to   focus   on   consistent   excellent   customer service.
MRO   1STOPShop   Solutions   Inc.   is   a   military   supplier   for   the   agencies   listed   below.      We   work   with   the   government   to   supply   military   aviation components and aircraft. We distribute products from leading ORM’s such as Boeing, Lockheed, Bell, Pratt Whitney, General Electric and more.
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