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MRO 1STOPShop Solutions, Inc.
MRO1StopShop    is   a   young,   dynamic   company   designed   to   be   a   complete   source   for   your   maintenance, repair and operational needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to keep you under budget and on time. Your ONE STOP SHOP for any maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products. We specialize in locating hard-to-find or specialty items and we work directly with OEM for custom products. MRO1STOPSHOP   Solutions    is   a   leading   supplier   of   all   kinds   of   products   to   Oil   &   Gas,   Engineering,   city   and state government entities. We   are   a   minority   owned   corporation   with   the   CAPACITY,   CAPABILITY,   and   CREDIBILITY    to   be   an   asset   to   any project.
keeping you under budget and on time.